SEO Improvement Proposal (SIP)

Title: SEO Improvement Proposal (SIP)
Authors: @ihsotas
Created: Wednesday 15th, May 2023

Table of contents

  • Abstract
  • Rationale
  • Current stats
  • Strategies to improve SEO

Taking the current stats of SEO into consideration, This proposal outlines an SEO Improvement proposal (SIP) where I will discuss the current SEO stats, strategies to improve SEO, metrics to track, keywords to target along with volumes, timelines & what exactly we’re missing in the blog.

I think we did great work in branding with, youtube/instragram videos around it & events/hackathons, but I am very sad to see such a big company not putting efforts into SEO. I am assuming the Ethereum audience is the ideal one for Polygon too because Ethereum sucks in gas fees, so people seek the alternative l2s & sidechains to explore the financial opportunities in the world of web3.

So, Ethereum generates 100% organic traffic which is mind-blowing & they introduced a blog around 2019 to focus on the SEO & they literally started ranking for over 72k organic keywords in less than 3 years & generates over 100k organic clicks from the content.

Here’re the top-ranked keywords from Ethereum

Whereas only rank for 14k keywords with an estimated 1800 clicks & lost over ranking for 6.9k keywords

Some of the top-ranked keywords from Polygon
polygon crypto

So being a tech company driven by the community, which doesn’t solve the user search intent is a big red flag according to me

Current stats

  • We have a polygon blog but there aren’t many readers this can be changed with a few tweaks, lets’s first look at the current stats of the blog
    → Number of backlinks: 77
    → Number of referring domains: 65
    But this trend of Domain authority of these referring domains is decreasing, I meant the number of referring domains with low low Domain authority is greater
    → According to the similar web we’ve over 2.1M traffic this month but we overall have only 17.2k clicks & 14k keywords ranked which is not a great metric

Strategies to improve SEO

  • Make a list of all the keywords we want to rank for & check how difficult it’s to rank for those keywords
  • Start focusing on incorporating those keywords in the articles which we publish
  • Link building journey should be always happening like look at the way MakerDAO gets free publicity for pushing any new feature
  • Optimise the SEO on-page like using the met tags & all
  • Focus on building SEO-optimized content rather than just shipping the content
  • If we’re building the narrative around “zk” then why aren’t we targeting more keywords around this? So volume around Zkevm is very less but these are a very niche audience, also a good thing is we’re ranking on the first page for the “Zkevm” keyword.
  • Generate more backlinks from good authority websites

Just a heads up:
I am writing this post assuming that we are getting most of the traffic from the USA, I used ubersuggest & spyfu for the research


Hey @ihsotas,

Thank you for your post. Just as a heads up I removed the mention of PIP from this proposals title and changed the category accordingly.

PIPs should be technical documents that specify changes to the Polygon network. For more information, see PIP-1.


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Hey @H_Rook
Sounds good, thanks

Hey @ihsotas , Thanks for your suggestions. We’re looking into it.

Hey @ihostas, Thank you so much for this thoughtful proposal. We will take your suggestions on board and know there is work to do to improve here.


This is good stuff, @ihsotas - any keywords you would recommend to prioritize?

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If we are creating a narrative around “Zk” then we should ideally rank for everything related to Zk on priority. But a few keywords we can rank for:

“Gas fees”
These are difficult to rank for but not though. Also, we can narrow down these into long-form keywords

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Nicely done, thank you! I am curious to know if you are professionally doing this kind of work and do you have a dev background?

Hey @zkGrace.eth

Yes, I started as a Blockchain dev but later transitioned into product & marketing roles.

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Hi Team!

Any updates here? I didn’t see any major updates on any of the growth calls particularly on this proposal