Sentry Disk Space Filling Up when using Binaries

Hey everyone, I’m running a sentry and a validator on mainnet. I used the binaries to set up the nodes and I’m running into a storage issue.

I’ve been monitoring the disk space and usage. After starting Heimdall and Bor, I see disk usage is increasing pretty quickly. Increasing is expected because we are getting new blocks. But it’s going up pretty fast.

The documentation says to make the disk extendable. My concern is that it’s going to be extending and a very high rate. Starting 320GB, after syncing, I used about 42% of the memory. And just a day after I’m up to 51%.
It’s climbing pretty fast.

The nodes are all set up. Heimdall is running and both nodes synced fine. I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do about this. We will have to extend storage to a pretty large amount after just 1 month.

Were you turned on gcmode=archive ?

I did not use gcmode=archive.
I ended up just doing offline pruning by using ‘bor snapshot prune-state’ to free up space.
I am running using syncmode=‘full’ so automatic pruning should be enabled automatically but I don’t know when the server decides to prune. I started manually pruning because I was worried about the disk space.

About Offline state prune you should read this article: Pruning Geth 1.10.x · GitHub