Sent MATIC NFTs from OS to Binance by mistake

Hello guys, first time poster

So my computer got compromised and i had to transfer all my NFTs from one Metamask to another. There was a bunch of them and unfortunately i sent 3 of them to my Binance wallet address. They are there but Binance says there’s nothing they can do to help me. I think it’s a question of wanting to help or support being clueless. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time

I’ve spent like an hour on live chat, I eventually got escalated to another person which said they can’t do anything. I’m sure a dev can help me in like 1 minute, but I got the impression they don’t wanna bother. The NFTs are not lost, they belong to my address and they can be seen on polygonscan.

Is there any other way to ask to speak to a dev besides live chat? I’m under the impression the people answering the tickets are overwhelmed from a technical standpoint.

Kindly chat with one of our dev on live chat to get a quicker response for the question and any other related issue @terente
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@Leroy_Frye lewl you should update your ‘live chat’ because you can’t reply. nice try though. the web is crawling full with dumbass scammers like yourself nowadays.

Ah lol @Tinfoilhat is also a scammer.

If finances support polygon, then this shouldn’t be a problem. But in order for you to be able to see your nfts, you will have to try.
If not, then you’ve lost your nft. Now it is impossible to transfer nft from one blockchain to another, only when a cross-chain symbiosis appears, this will be possible, but not now