Send USDC token to binance with wrong network

Hi SIr/Mdm,

I have use the wrong network to send my USDC token from my metamask wallet (Matic polygon network) to my binance wallet.

Please help me get back my money!!QWQ

transaction hash: 0x03928b827d02e7784af5368940cf0a78d1ea419b6840d621b553397054e04fcc

from: 0x9ad81e2f6a2d38d74dc9491e81b25f443141e6e6
To: 0xdb2c281b5a2077daee13c5c44223ceaa05a97682

Amount: 995.843805USDC token

Thank you!!!

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Based on the previous found. The way only can support by Matic wallet.
Now my money is stuck at one unknown address instead of my binance wallet since use the wrong network to send.
Please help me.

You basically sent the tokens to an address controlled by exchange/wallet.

They hold the keys to that account on Matic. Only they can unlock it for you.

You would need to ask them to configure Matic Mainnet on their wallet (Config Matic on Metamask | Matic Network | Documentation) and send it back to an address that you control.

Note there’s a disclaimer on the web wallet asking not to send funds directly to an exchange account.

Here is what any exchange needs to do in such case (although not sure how much flexibility the support executives have to execute this):

  • Assuming the exchange support executive has access to the account’s private keys, they can transfer the funds from their account on Matic to your (the user’s) address on Matic.

Note: Please don’t send funds directly to exchanges that support only Ethereum you have to first withdraw from Matic to Ethereum and then send it to your exchange address

Thank you.

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Phuah KaiMing

Hello Sir/Mdm,

Please support me to get back my USDC token please.

This is What I Found Out:

  1. Why we can send the money to the account does not existing? I can see the matic wallet is being create after I send the USDC token to there. This means no one is holder this wallet address. So why not to send the money back to me? This new address Matic Wallet also consider created by me right?

Transaction Hash: 0x03928b827d02e7784af5368940cf0a78d1ea419b6840d621b553397054e04fcc

My Matic Wallet: 0x9ad81e2f6a2d38d74dc9491e81b25f443141e6e6

  1. From the new Wallet Age can show that this is the wallet being created after I send the money.
    Meaning no one holding it. So may you support me to get back my token?

  2. This is nothing do with Binance since the money is not there. These token is still under Matic Mainnet wallet which I sent to and being created by me.

Please Help To Support Me To Get Back Me 1k USD dollar Please.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Phuah Kai Ming

The wallet being create due to the address I enter (my binance wallet address): 0xdb2c281b5a2077daee13c5c44223ceaa05a97682

Hello I also have the same issue I sent BNB from the polygon mainnet on metamask to my binance accoint directly and the transaction did not go to my binance I would like a representative to help me out in this case as binance said they don’t accept bnb from matic yet
Kindly assist me.