Security First, Polygon zkEVM is ready for mainnet beta

Hello Fam :wave:

Posting this blog here as many of you are testing our zkEVM testnet and can’t wait to get your hands on mainnet beta… just a few more days away!


Thanks for an informative and transparent overview of the upcoming stages for Polygon zkEVM’s Mainnet Beta launch. Thats a great highlighting the team’s commitment to user security and network maturity.
The staged approach, with limited training wheels in stage one and censorship resistance in stage two, provides a measured path towards a decentralized network while prioritizing user security. The appointment of a Security Council multisig, bug bounty program, and time-locked upgrades are smart security measures that demonstrate a commitment to protecting users. Overall, the plan appears to be a strong foundation for the launch of the network, and it will be interesting to see how it performs in practice.
Can’t wait for zkEVM


Super Exciting! Thanks for the post Grace, following this closely

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