Scheduled zkEVM Mainnet beta Update (Mandatory for Erigon RPCs)

Date: Wednesday, 3rd July, 2024.
Time: 16:15 PM CET / 2:16 PM UTC
Duration: ~ 15 minutes

Please note that there is an optional update for zkEVM-node RPCs, But is mandatory for Erigon RPC node providers. This version introduces a new data stream that breaks compatibility with previous versions, enabling future upgrades without compatibility issues.

Node version: v0.7.0
Prover/executor version: v6.0.2 (remains the same)

Things to note:
zkevm-node: You can update at any time. The changelog details all the changes introduced in this version. This update does not require any changes to the configuration.
cdk-erigon: Once we notify you that the update has been completed, you will need to upgrade to the new version ( and resynchronize from scratch. We do not expect this to be necessary again in the future from this version onwards.

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