Scheduled UPGRADE: zkEVM Mainnet Beta Dragonfruit (ForkID5) UPGRADE

Date: Wed, 20th Sept 2023
Time: 7:30 AM UTC / 09.30 AM CEST
Duration: ~2 hours

The Dragon Fruit upgrade covers a range of improvements to the network, including support for the latest Ethereum opcode, PUSH0. For more details, please refer to the blog post here

Things to note:
:warning: Note that the version v0.3.0 with Prover v2.2.0 are required to be able to upgrade the network to Dragon Fruit [ForkID5]
:warning: Note that the version v0.1.2 with Prover v1.1.4 and earlier are now obsolete

During the upgrade, the network will be available. No disruptions will take place for the 2 hours of deployment, except for a small downtime of ~2 mins for sequencer restart. But the bridge will be unavailable for approx. 3.5 hours. Communication will be done when the bridge resumes operations.

Upgrade Time Lock compliance:
The 10-day timelock for upgrading Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta was initiated on Aug 31st, 2023 and completed on Sept 10, 2023.
The upgraded contract can be checked here

The transaction hash containing the upgrade proposal and its signatures can be found here

What needs to be done:

  1. Be prepared for the ForkID5 upgrade and bridge downtime
  2. Stay updated on the progress through official communication channels
  3. For infrastructure partners who have not updated to latest version please follow the instructions to update to node v0.3.0 here