Scams currently being run on MATIC

Recently the gas price was increased to 30. <Controversial topic>

Anyway, it hasn’t slowed down the scammers. Really good scammers have plenty of money to spend scamming and are still running rampant.

Maybe we could start a topic here where current scammers can be documented so that if there are any spare resources to spend making the network safer, then there might be some kind of effectiveness available to maybe actually stop some of them instead of arbitrarily charging honest customers more for honest transactions? (VERY FRUSTRATING)

StakeShare ? Scam or not?

Stakeshare sends tokens to users who will find with a little research that they can stake their coins at the stakeshare website/app. According to the comments on the polygonscan page, people say it’s a scam, and that the app will take all their tokens. Is it a scam?

Token page on polygon scan shows 219,000 addresses with 615,000 transfers. If only there was a way to research it and figure out if all those transfers and all those addresses were just spam transfers in order to entice unwary customers into giving their valuables away to some untrustable party?

I don’t know if it’s a scam, but it does look suspicious. I haven’t tried to take some tokens to their website with a safe-wallet and check to see if it doesn’t just empty my account or not. That’s what the comments say though.