SCAM with Polygon matic through chrome browser

I bought MATIC from exchange polygon for USDT 1440 worth matic. Have transfers from my binance wallet to trust wallet.
When I bought MATIC from the exchangepolygon site, it transferred to a different address on my phone, not the receive address as per my trust wallet.
ie, someone has planted a virus in chrome to shift the funds to another wallet. I have the wallet details and the exact time of transaction. Kindly help in freezing and retreiving my funds.
The trust wallet address changed on its own and directed to 0xC5A7c6C8759BDCB5C04ecBEf8Bc8B25565bBfcFf
Probably infected through the chrome browser
This is a serious breach in the security and not sure how polyexchange picked this different address than what belongs to me

Will really appreciate the support.