I think I just got scammed by a website called

Their wallet / smart contract address is


They are also active on Twitter with the name @0xPolygonEvents

There is a claim button on the website where I thought I can get Polygon 2.0 tokens as an airdrop.

Can anyone here check and see if this is really a scam?

Do you guys think there is any way to get support by Polygon in order to get my MATIC tokens back? They are all gone from my Metamask wallet now :frowning:

Thank you for your replies!

I am really sorry this happened to you.
This page is a scam, pretending to be PolygonLabs, but as you can see only has 5.000 followers and the handle doesn’t match the name…

I have already alerted the internal team and we are doing our best in taking it down.
Having said that it is impossible to recover the matic or any way to get them back :confused:

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