SCAM Alert: Don't trust the live chat

There are individuals on these topics replying to offer to help you with a live chat but that redirects you to a website called (relative to the actual site of At this site the “Support Center” chat representatives will actually ask for your wallet ID and the fake wallet protocol will ask for your seed phrase to connect your wallet. You won’t be able to connect your wallet but they will steal your MATIC.

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This is definitely some sort of a scam: - they DMed, pressured to connect wallet to their website and when I asked if I can"t just use the official support of the PoS Polygon bridge they said it will take a week to answer and they can “unblock” my transaction which is was apparently “stuck”. All sounded very legit and polite, so beware!!

Be aware! I have just been hacked by them, my wallet is compromised, a bot sits in my wallet, anything you transfer in will gone in 20-30seconds. Any one here have a solution? Flashbot RPC doesn’t work :frowning: