Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform

Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform
The Rhodes Academy main use case will be NFT’s

  • What do we want to solve thanks to this project- The current education system (particularly the public school system) has several problems. They are:

  • Over centralization

  • Inability to keep up with the changes taking place in the workforce

  • Lack of autonomy for teachers to produce content that better suits their students

  • Teachers do not have ownership of their course materials

  • Inefficient means for students to obtain and share their academic transcripts

  • Lack of agility in adapting to technological and sociological changes

The Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform solves these problems in the following ways:

  • Teachers have complete autonomy to individually create and deliver the educational content they create. This avoids over centralization, allows teachers to efficiently react and adapt their content to changes in technological advancements, societal conditions, or the workforce, and also grants teachers the freedom they need to taylor their content more to their students.
  • Polygon’s augmentation of the Ethereum blockchain is harnessed by the Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform to mint courses, student seats, and certifications as NFTs. This allows definitive, undisputable, and easily confirmable ownership of educational content by its creator. Likewise, the NFT solutions serve as access control and confirmation of a student’s enrollment within a course. Furthermore, an easily verifiable “chain of custody” is established and recorded, which gives students the power to own their entire academic transcript and the ability to conveniently share it at will, and at no cost to them.

The Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform will add another layer of decentralization through the use of the Rhodes Academy DAO. The DAO will consist of teachers, students, and education partners. The DAO will enable the Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform to effect change faster than the monolithic, centralized model that currently exists in the educational system of today.

Aaron DeBerry- CEO
Aaron DeBerry, 41 years of age, is the CEO of Rhodes Academy for the Creative Arts with over 15 years in education. Aaron DeBerry has served in various academic roles on the middle school, high school, and post secondary level. Aaron graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. Television/ Film Productions and soon moved to education full time. After many years of public education, Aaron transitioned to creating his own company in the education industry, which he named Rhodes Academy for the Creative Arts. Rhodes Academy is geared toward providing creative arts education using web3 technologies. The Rhodes Academy Education Platform is the only web3 academic platform in the world.

Shenole Latimer
Shenole Latimer, 49 years of age, graduated from Stony Brook University in 2001 with a B.A. in Music. He toured throughout the continental U.S. performing concerts and educational presentations. Latimer also spent time as the Education Director for the art school of a non-profit organization. In 2015, he switched his career focus to web and software development. Since his career change, Shenole has worked for or had a leadership role in 5 startup companies ranging from a YouTube inspired project, to a project to assign human-readable usernames to the public key of crypto wallets.

Brian Ludlam
Chief Engineer
Brian Ludlam is 49 years of age and graduated from SUNY Polytechnic Institute with an AA in Computer Science. Brian would later transfer to Vermont Technical College and gain his BS in Computer Software Engineering. Through Brian’s journey in the tech industry, Brian would also earn his certification in CompTIA, which provides training to individuals in information technology. Brian would finish at the top of class with scoring in the top five percentile on the A+exam. Brian is no stranger to start ups and currently serves as CEO at OX Pioneers, which provides web3 development and smart contract engineering. Brian has over years of development experience and 13 years as a software engineer. Brian has been steadily creating and building web3 protocol’s as an architect and engineer.