Restake reward tab not showing on "My account" page

Hi guys,
A really simple one for you that will be annoying a lot of people with your new UI.
Go here: Polygon Technology | Documentation · Welcome to Polygon developer documentation . It shows a blue “Restake Reward” tab.
The below screenshot is from my account page, showing the “Restake reward” tab is nowhere to be seen.

So, you might want to speak to your UI people and have them fix this, as it’s really poor form to be missing such an important tab on the above account page.

As far as I can see, staking more or restaking are no longer allowed via the staking frontend if you are still delegating to a foundation node. Move your stake.

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Thanks. Although there is nowhere on the Staking FAQs that states this, I have done so and the Restake Reward tab is now visible.

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