Request for feedback: Grants Pathfinder, a guide to web3 grants

We’re happy to share our latest guide: Grants Pathfinder

The Grants Pathfinder provides detailed information on grants available within Ethereum’s ecosystem.

As of right now it includes multiple grants from 9 different protocols - Polygon Grants among them!

Polygon ZK Builder Grants

Polygon Village Grants

And Polygon Village Build Ideas


We created the grants as a way to address the information accessibility on the topic of grants. Our aim is to streamline the grant process, so projects can learn how to get the funding they need to build and contribute.

So we gathered available information and resources on

  • current and upcoming grants and their scope,
  • application and review processes,
  • resources to check out before applying.

Your Feedback

Grants Pathfinder is just starting. As part of our commitment to gather feedback and continuous improvement, we would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the guide. Is any information missing regarding Polygon Grants in our guide?

Are we missing any useful resources from Polygon Grants?

What is Web3 Citizen?

Web3 Citizen Guide is an open-source project that aims to serve as a public good by helping Web3 enthusiasts become well-versed in current topics in the Web3 ecosystem.

Please feel free to share any suggestions on improving the guide.

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Thank you!

The Web3 Citizen Team