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We’re tidying up some development on the Fungy marketplace. Read the press release here: PRESS RELEASE

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What is Fungy?

With the climate of NFTs shifting, Fungy differentiates itself by offering NFTs of specific IPs. The company has a full gamut of entertainment offerings and has also begun an initiative to integrate Real Estate on its site. Thanks to in-house ownership of 40+ international TV channels, exclusive deals with film companies such as Cinevision and Providence Film Group, and access to sports groups including the American Basketball Association and ABA Canada, Fungy members can trade NFTs originating from an ever-expanding library of 2,000+ films, television shows and exclusive content.

Fungy provides a world of IRL (In Real Life) utility, empowering members to claim sports games, cinema and concert tickets, gain VIP film premier access, grab exclusive merchandise, visit film and TV production sets and, in some instances, even appear in productions themselves.

We can’t wait to launch! Thank you for any involvement it means the world.

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Hey NFTghosty It is great to see so many Dapp builders on Polygon. As a heads up, please bare in mind that we do not allow self promotion on the forum. Please try to provide value to community so dynamic is more mutual.

A good place to learn how to start contributing is our resource page.

I hope this is helpful and lets you understand what kind of culture we want to strive towards in this forum!

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