Received an NFT, dont know what to do

Hey, i was wondering if anyone know about this? is this safe or not? I just recently received this NFT in my wallet. and idk what to do.
See attachment. and link to the opensea profile. >


It is often advised not to interact with contracts, tokens, nfts that you do not know.
Rarely, if ever, someone will airdrop you something of value that is not malicious. Upon a closer look, this NFT does not fall within the exceptions and it is a scam.

For similar questions feel free to drop by our Discord server, where we have an active NFT community that will be able to assist you with such questions in no time! :slight_smile:

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It’s a common scam scheme, best way is to report it if possible or hide from your wallet and don’t interact with it.

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Be very careful. NFTs and tokens that suddenly appear in your wallet are scams. The scammers are hoping you’ll connect your wallet to their contract and drain it. You might just ignore it.


Hey, I received the same NFT! What should I do? Is it safe to move my crypto from my ledeger?

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As said above, I wouldn’t touch it. It looks like a scam.
I would just hide it on Opensea and forget about it.

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Hey, I have the same issue, I have received 8 NFTs on my ledger after buying some MATIC, I can’t erase the NFTs, have you figured out why they send free NFTs and how did they find my account