Question about how to run zkevm-prover in an arm environment

Tried to run polygon zkevm on arm architecture. (with docker)

However, the zkevm-prover component did not run. (because of cpu architecture)

I have two questions here.

  1. Why arm architecture is not supported by zkevm-prover?.. What are the challenges?

  2. Is there any way to run zkevm-prover on arm architecture?


Hi @minho
Thank you for sharing your questions here. We are currently about to release our 2nd testnet which has a significant numbers of improvements. I would suggest that you deploy on the next version of our testnet (to be launched this week).

Regarding your spefic questions on arm architecture, I will ask my colleagues and revert back.

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hello again!

We will be answering your questions in here: I want to run on arm architecture · Issue #235 · 0xPolygonHermez/zkevm-prover · GitHub
One of our team members is on it!

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Thank you so much for your response. I got a lot of information thanks.

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have the h/w and bandwidth requirements needed to run a prover been finalized or stabilized yet? know h/w acceleration is always kinda changing and a moving target but couldn’t really find anything definitive. See this related GitHub issue which is still open and unanswered

hello @randomishwalk
The zkEVM devs are super busy at the moment, as soon as the HW requirements are finalized, we will add this info to our Polygon wiki.

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