Prospero introduction

Basic Introduction:
My handle is Prospero. I am nomadic – originally from Europe, currently in the Far East. I believe deeply in the personal freedoms that blockchain and Web3 afford users.

Professional Background:
I spent 15 years in TradFi (at a major securities broker).
I believe my knowledge of TradFi gives me an advantage in assessing the merits and demerits of various DeFi projects.

Interests in Web3:
I am most interested in DeFi and DAOs and least interested in Gaming and jpegs.

The technologies in Web3 that I find particularly exciting or innovative are those seeking to provide un-/under-collateralized loans.

Current Projects:
Just lurking for the time being.

Learning and Development:
For complete beginners, layer3 is a good resource for learning about Web3. For more-advanced users, forums like this one are good sources of current info.

Community Engagement:
I envision mainly lurking until I’ve found my feet.

Future Aspirations:
In the longer-term, I hope to become more involved in discussions.
I think blockchain will take over the world. I think trading of all securities will be blockchain-based within the next 15 years. This is a good thing. My role in the future of blockchain?! User.

Fun Facts:
Outside of Web3, I’m a professional-standard 8-ball pool player.

Connect and Collaborate:
Other community members can reach out to me for discussions on this here forum . :grin: