Proposal for Wallets Support Matic Network

Matic Wallet Web is the only wallet to support Matic full functionality of deposit/withdraw and transfer for Matic network assets. It is also limited by ERC20.

It’s good to have multiple implementations of a Matic wallet. Users and the community can rely on community-based wallets and improve without the current wallet Wallet Web.

The Matic Foundation welcomes the excellent community wallets for the Matic Mainnet and ecosystem, which will help the community, users, and DApps.

Matic Foundation is looking for multiple proposals and implementation for the wallets. Feel free to send your proposals, and we will provide the necessary grants for the same.

Estimated grant: $15-25K (But can be lower or higher based on proposal’s size/design/UX)

What it should have:

  • Deposit assets from Ethereum to Matic
  • Withdraw assets from Matic to Ethereum based on PoS/Plasma bridge
  • Must be open-sourced with proper license
  • Assets other than ERC20, like ERC721/ERC1155 (Can be added support for multiple assets in subsequent releases)
  • It may or may not be serverless/static. Good to have a static site. It shouldn’t have extra efforts to maintain it
  • If it can be deployed over Next.js/Vercel, Netlify, or similar free hosted services, that would be great

Awesome to have:

  • Metamask, WalletConnect, Torus, Magic Link support

You can post your Responses / POC as replies to this post.

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My team at 4CADIA has developed a open wallet template to be used with private chains like Hyperledger Besu, Quorum and etc. We could customize this wallet to fit the requirements using this grant.

I made an implementation that fulfills all of these requirements

Hey, I made a cross-platform flutter based app last year that had Matic <-> Ropsten bridge, Fiat on Ramp by Moonpay (Transak or some other service can be used to have direct on-ramp on Matic), It also had tx listing and other minor features it had won consensys labs relays hackathon and I can take it to production.
Here is the link to the hackathon project.

I have also made a production level wallet app for bluzelle(it is currently in the internal testing stage, will go live very soon).
Here is the opensource version of the same application

The closed source version is a bit more polished and feature-rich.
Here is a short video as well of the bluzelle’s application
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That looks great. Can people add a token?

Cube Wallet - Proof of Concept

Cube Wallet is an upcoming Matic network web wallet that will support both ERC20 tokens & Collectibles(ERC721/ERC1155). The proof of concept is accessible at the link below:

Current POC functionality :

  • View portfolio balance in USD

  • Transfer Matic & ERC20 tokens on Matic Network.

The following features/functionalities are planned in the coming weeks:

  • WalletConnect, Torus & Portis integration

  • Ability to add custom tokens

  • Plasma & POS deposits & withdrawals

  • Fiat gateway (Transak)

  • ERC721 & ERC1155 support

  • Delegate directly from wallet

  • WhatsApp transaction notifications.

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Hi, is this offer still available?

Yes, we are still accepting submissions.

Let’s discuss on how to take this forward. DM-ed you.

Hi Anurag,

we are working on an Airgap based solution , Is the grant still open.

Sharing here some links to review, It has staking defined on the coin-lib layer, so we will be able to provide that as well.


Recently we took part in a BSC hackathon so we have prepared a demo

Thank You

@anurag Hi,

Any updates on this?

Thank You