Proposal for building Telemetry Metrics Dashboard for Matic Mainnet

Telemetry is analog to Polkadot’s (, a window into the overall health of the network from the nodes that volunteer to submit their telemetry.

When you run your node you can start it with --telemetry and it will begin submitting data to the netstats information services website, which will list the node.


To build and configure a Metrics Telemetry Dashboard for Matic Mainnet that highlights important features such as Nodes connected, Block Time, Average Time, etc.

You will need to provide the configuration methodology for enabling Telemetry on a node as well as provide a GUI for the Dashboard.

Since Matic’s Architecture is slightly different than projects like Cosmos and Polkadot, the dashboard needs to cover metrics from core components such as Heimdall and Bor.

The following are the main parameters that need to be visualized on Telemetry:

  1. Bor Service (Active or not)
  2. Heimdall service (Active or not)
  3. Rest-Server (Active or not)
  4. Heimdall Bridge (Active or not)
  5. Peers Connected
  6. Software Version
  7. Block # & Block Hash
  8. Block Time
  9. Block Propagation time


We welcome the community a chance to build great tools for the Matic Mainnet that will in turn help the community and validators to stay updated on their nodes.

We will provide a grant of between $15-$30K depending on the proposals we receive.


  1. All proposals need to be submitted on the Forum (
  2. Proposals will be reviewed by the Matic team and final decision will be upto Matic teams’ discretion

Reference Documentation:

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