Project name : Xenon (Decentralised Forex Trading Platform)

*** Project name : Xenon**

  • Main use case: Decentralised Forex Trading and prediction platform
    *** What do we want to solve thanks to this project**

We are solving the fundamental issues in decentralized forex trading:

  • Rugs from brokers holding investor’s funds.
  • Cut throat fee
  • Long Settlement (T+2)
  • Trustless system (Smart contracts governed)

*** Presentation of the team**
*** Dexter Leow (CEO and Cofounder)**

  • Dexter grew an investment firm’s portfolio from 10mil USD to 350mil USD. He has also managed one of the largest pension fund at Savills Investment Management where he managed the portfolio of 1.5 billion USD.

Mike Leow (CTO and Cofounder)

  • Leading SUMOTEX Product Development. Couple of years experience managing Financial Product with >$100 mil USD annually.

*** Road map**


  • Launch of coin forecasting algorithm (Users of Xenon will be able to access this coin forecasting in order to predict coin prices)
  • Launch of Copy Trade (BETA)
  1. Offering service: Trader will be allowed to offer users on platform to copy their trades, with a x% profit share
  2. Copy trader: Users will be able to “copy” the designated trader in their trades with (profit sharing), coins will be returned back to their wallet.


  • Launch of Ai Powered High Frequency Arbitrage trading (AHFAT) — Profits of up to 8% monthly

**Our algorithm will conduct high frequency trading by trading cryptocurrency pairs 24/7, constantly scanning across different Exchanges and executing trades.


Launch of Liquidity pool for High Frequency Arbitrage trading

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I guess the problems you mentioned are genuine but my only problem with the decentralized model of forex trading is the regulation, did you think about this? If yes, please share your thoughts & also may be GTM.