Project Intro - Stellar Art

Welcome to Stellar Art, a revolutionary AI Image Generator on Polygon zkEVM, created to inspire and empower digital art creators and enthusiasts. The heart of our project lies in our commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and accessibility in the digital art space.

Project Name: Stellar Art

Main Use Case:

Stellar Art on Polygon’s zkEVM has several key use cases, all centered around digital art and NFT (non-fungible token) management. Here are the main ones:

  1. Creation of AI-Generated Artwork: The primary use case is the creation of unique, AI-generated digital artwork. Users can input text or images, and the AI will generate corresponding artwork based on the input. This feature democratizes the creation process, allowing anyone to create unique digital art without the need for advanced artistic skills or training.

  2. Minting and Trading NFTs: Once the artwork is created, users can mint it as an NFT directly on the platform. This NFT can then be traded or sold on the platform’s marketplace. The use of Polygon’s zkEVM allows for faster and cheaper transactions than traditional Ethereum-based platforms, making it more accessible for both creators and collectors.

  3. Artwork and NFT Management: The platform also serves as a comprehensive management system for digital art and NFTs. Users can keep track of their creations, sales, and purchases in one place. They can also manage their NFT collections, including buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

  4. Model Creators Program : This forthcoming initiative empowers creators who develop models for stable diffusion. These could include innovative models like Dream Shaper, Redshift Diffusion, VectorartzDiffusion, and many more. The features of the program include:

    • Performance-Based Rewards: Creators are rewarded when their models are used to generate images and mint NFTs on the Stellar Art platform. This motivates creators to design high-quality, popular models.
    • Royalties & Platform Fee Share: Creators receive 20% of the fees and royalties from transactions when their models are used for minting NFTs. This system ensures that creators are fairly compensated for their contributions.
    • Open Access & Collaboration: The program promotes openness, collaboration, and mutual growth. It aims to eliminate restrictive contracts and exclusivity clauses to foster an inclusive environment for creators.
    • Model Marketplace: A dedicated platform where creators can showcase their models. Users can discover and purchase these models for their AI-driven projects. This gives creators visibility and users a diverse range of quality models to select from.
    • Community Support & Growth: The program also facilitates a robust community of creators, users, and enthusiasts who can connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects. Community-driven initiatives, events, and resources aim to nurture talent and drive innovation in stable diffusion and AI-generated content.
    • Continuous Improvement: Creators can release updates or new versions of their models on the platform, ensuring that users have access to the latest and most advanced tools for their projects. This continuous improvement process mutually benefits both creators and users, leading to a stronger, more capable ecosystem.

Incorporating the Model Creators Program into Stellar Art aims to establish a thriving, collaborative, and rewarding environment for creators in the stable diffusion space, thereby enriching the platform’s offerings and the broader AI community.

The Problem We Aim to Solve:

  1. Accessibility and Ease of Creation: Not everyone has the artistic skills or the software to create digital art. Stellar Art democratizes this process by providing a platform where anyone can create AI-generated digital art with ease.
  2. NFT Minting and Management: The process of minting NFTs and managing them can be complex and technically challenging. Stellar Art simplifies this process by providing an integrated platform for creating, minting, and managing NFTs.
  3. High Transaction Costs and Speed: Ethereum, the most commonly used blockchain for NFT transactions, suffers from high transaction costs and slow speeds. By leveraging Polygon’s zkEVM, Stellar Art provides a solution with much lower transaction fees and faster transaction times.
  4. Fair Compensation for Creators: Traditional platforms often don’t provide a fair share of revenue to creators. Stellar Art addresses this issue with its Model Creators Program, which offers performance-based rewards and a share of the fees and royalties generated from transactions.
  5. Innovation and Collaboration: The digital art and NFT space can often be fragmented and exclusive. Stellar Art’s Model Creators Program fosters collaboration, openness, and shared growth, allowing creators to thrive and innovate together.


At Stellar Art, we’re a tight-knit team driven by a shared vision to transform the digital art and NFT space, while also making a significant environmental impact. Our team is led by two key individuals:

  1. Devvy, Founder: As the founder of Stellar Art, Devvy brings a wealth of experience and an innovative spirit to the platform. Devvy’s vision for democratizing AI-generated art creation, along with their passion for sustainable blockchain solutions, has been integral to shaping Stellar Art’s unique approach.
  2. Sub, Full Stack Developer: Sub’s role as a full stack developer enables the realization of Stellar Art’s ambitious goals. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology, Sub meticulously crafts the technical infrastructure that powers our platform, ensuring it’s user-friendly, efficient, and robust.


At Stellar Art, we’ve carefully crafted a comprehensive roadmap to direct our platform’s evolution and expansion. This roadmap envisions broadening our network of creative collaborators, advancing the platform’s capabilities, and promoting the wider adoption of blockchain technology for art creation and NFT transactions.

More about Stellar Art Roadmap you can find here → Roadmap - Stellar Art


We are now entering a critical phase of growth, and we need your support more than ever. We have an exciting roadmap ahead, filled with feature enhancements, community initiatives, and collaborations that will further enrich your experience on our platform.

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