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Important: E•network is an ecosystem offering different projects to it´s community and the crypto community. I would however be going into or be introducing our core project which we are currently building.
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Enetwork/Enetecosystem is a web3 company exploring and nurturing new ideas, innovating and building web3 usable products.
E•network is an innovative and dynamic DeFi ecosystem dedicated to accelerating the adoption of crypto and digital currencies through user-friendly and accessible technology. The platform is designed to cater to the needs of both crypto enthusiasts and businesses with well structured business model.

E•network is focused on building a robust ecosystem within the blockchain network, with a strong emphasis on Finance, Entertainment, Infrastructure, and Health. The ecosystem is categorized to help us amplify each section in other to deliver a thriving ecosystem. The core projects include:

· EnetPay: A smart contract wallet, built on the ERC-4337 standard on the polygon network

· EnetDex: An orderbook Dex protocol, concentrating on interoperability between the DEX and CEX, providing maximum security for traders while using the CEX liquidity to provide fast transaction.

· EnetPad: An all-in-one launchpad for crypto and non-crypto projects. Onboarding companies or project to offer shares as NFT´s during fundraise. This Nft´s will be used to claim one´s shares in the company, while the companies also profits from the nft´s loyalties.

· EnetHub: A blockchain-powered resort that runs and processes transactions with cryptocurrencies. Project´s can host events, Team tours, Holidays and festivals in the Hub.

· Fanbase: Built to help creators and artists establish direct financial relationships with their audience or fans.

· Healtho: A DeSci project, building a secure and decentralized platform for managing patients’ medical data and record.

In addition, E•network also will be offering various services such as

  • Payment APIs

  • SDKs

  • POS for businesses

  • EnetCard.

The goal is to provide a thriving ecosystem in the web3 space, leveraging innovative technology and sound infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of crypto and digital currencies.

E•network has it´s own Governance, Utility and Reward currency, providing comprehensive experience and thriving ecosystem. Enabling easy manage of transactions, Rewards, Governance and in-ecosystem purschase. ETC.

Problem solved
E•network as a dynamic DeFi ecosystem with various products, that are simply designed to be user- friendly, E•network is currently focused on it´s core product, the EnetPay, which is a hybrid non-custodian multi-chain crypto wallet that solves the problem of flexibility, decentralization, accessibility and security. It solves the problem of flexibility and decentralization by being built on the ERC-4337 standard which allows for account abstraction and enables our consumers to pay gasfees with any of crypto currency, thereby shielding them from gaswars and outragoeus gasfees.
We also solve the problem of accessibility by connecting the traditional finance systems to the blockchain via partnerships with various traditional business that offers our customers the ability to make transactions with the real word and receive tangible goods or services paid.
Our wallet also offers various performance and exciting features that are important to satisfy the long term craving of communities in the blockchain, these features include Stop loss feature, Smartswap or automatic currency conversion, P2P systems and many more.

Johcee: A Visionary entrepreneur with Business management experience, Gained 5 years experience in Health-sector. Founder, participant in Fintech. Active in digital currencies and Blockchain since 2019.


Disclaimer: This is not in anyway, a financial advice.

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