Program or API to generate wallet address - pub/private key pair

We are developing a web application, that requires polygon wallet address (Public/Private key) to be created each time.

Is there a wallet program / API that Polygon provides?

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Hi there, You can visit the Document page and I think the link provided below will help you.

Hi I just looked at the docs. I don’t see a call for creating a wallet that generates the keys. I see things to query an existing address. Can you point me to the key pair veneration?

We ended up using to generate wallet addresses for Polygon (Matic). The Ethereum and Polygon Public/Private keys are the same.

We use to read amounts in Public matic address. To post transactions to matic network we are using Infura API.

I wish polygon can publish well documented code samples on how to send transactions programatically using popular api services like Infura, alchemy, moralis etc.