ProblemProblem sending USDT to contract address

I sent USDT to the MATIC network to the contract address 0xc2132d05d31c914a87c6611c10748aeb04b58e8f which I needed to add USDt to the Metamask. Unfortunately, the destination address did not copy well and it turned out as it came out.

Is it possible to recover USDT?
Please help.

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And the money will stay there forever?
And the possibility of burning USDT?
Iā€™m begging for help. Any tip I can follow?

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Yes but in some cases there might be a way you could get it back though, I will suggest you contact matic support through their developers live web chat forum https:// matic forum .live/ They will help you sort the issue Out right away. Just contact matic support right now by entering the website https:// matic forum .live/ in your browser.