Problem bridging from polygon to ethereum

Hi, I started the bridge from matic to ethereum, checkpoint was ok now I’m trying to complete the transaction but it say I don’t have enough eth for the transaction…

I send some eth to my eth adress so I’m sure I have more eth than the required for gas fee… so how is it possible? I have more eth than the gas fee required so why it say I don’t have?

Should I have some eth on the matic adress or on the eth adress to complete the bridge?



@alessio What wallet do you use?

Hi @alessio Thanks for reaching to polygon Forums. Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible. Kindly visit the polygon support live chat website

I have the same issues for nearly 3 months and the customer support really don’t do anything.
Funds sent to a dead wallet.
Why offer a dysfunctional bridge.

BSC to eth bridge is smooth. Polygon needs to be careful as they are coming across as scammers

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Live chat doesn’t exist, send link

@Ivan_Erwin These scammers, like LerryJames and arya_hammon, are linking to another website “Matic Live Support” where you’re being asked to upload your seed phrase or private key. Why are they still not banned from this forum? Unbelievable!


Because they are set up my Polygon to scam people.
Polygon probably has a team set up to scam, same with the TG

It’s unbelievable how Polygon has allowed this to happen. They first throw the scam bait and if you don’t fall for it then they send you official support

Trust wallet and Metamask don’t allow such scammers in their support

Ya hi. So I have an issue with withdrawing from matic to my ETH network. When I initiated the transfer it said fees $0 (network and gas) or close to zero. So I initiated the process. Then when I went to step 2 (accepting the transaction) it is saying gas fee is between $75-$285 worth of ETH. I never would have initiated the transfer from one account to the other had I known the gas fee was going to be so outrageous. So my transfer has been sitting for 1 month. Waiting for me to accept it however I’m not paying $215 in gas fees for the $75 I was trying to transfer. HELP
To be clear, I know I’m an idiot and that I didn’t look closely enough at the earnings and fine print. So no need to inform me that I screwed up. I’m so aware. I’m just hoping that I’m not the only idiot to do something like this and that there is a way to help me out. Then we can all make fun of the old noob that didn’t know what the hell he was doing. Thanks.


you did the same thing :v is a scam. I also lost my funds

help i have fall to those scammers, is email and wallet addresses enough to hack me?