PRC-34: Polygon Staking Layer

This PIP introduces the first PRC, defining the smart contract interfaces and interactions between all components of the Polygon Staking Layer.

The Polygon Staking Layer, as introduced in PIP-18, is a standardized set of smart contracts that facilitate decentralized restaking within the Polygon ecosystem. The Staking Layer allows stakers to take on slashing risk in exchange for the ability to validate services.

The motivation behind the Staking Layer is to provide a central place for security within the Polygon ecosystem. This can include Chain Development Kit (CDK) networks, as well as other potential services within the Polygon ecosystem. The restaking mechanism allows for higher capital efficiency and lower liquidity fragmentation for stakers securing various aspects of the ecosystem. New services like new CDK chains benefit from a shared security model, which lowers the cost of securing the network or service.

Link to the PRC


Will it be on Ethereum or Polygon for the staking contract?

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The Staking Layer will live on Ethereum.


Is there any staking contract on Ethereum?

The staking contract interface is proposed here with the PRC, it will be deployed at some point later this year

Is there any timeline for introducing POL to bridge contract and making it the gas token on POS?

As laid out in PIP-18 this should be the first step before staking layer. However, it does not seem to have any update on the migrating MATIC to POL on the bridge contract?

There is no announced timeline yet afaik, it doesn’t have to be deployed before the staking layer though