Post-Mortem analysis of the Web Wallet Outage(23-08-2022)

Hello Community!

Yesterday, Some Users brought up a problem we were having with withdrawal transactions. This post-mortem provides information on how the problem was immediately resolved.


  • On Aug 23, 2022, There was a problem where some users reported that their withdrawal transactions in the Polygon Wallet Suite were not completed.
  • The issue was resolved within 20 minutes.

** Details**

  • The problem occurred at 2:30 PM UTC when withdrawal transactions in the Polygon Wallet Suite were not getting completed. We found that the issue occurred due to the wildcard set for redirection, which was only meant for


  • The issue was resolved at 2:48 PM UTC by disabling a redirection rule in Cloudflare created for the wildcard(*

Corrective and Preventative Measures

  • We will work to ensure that all frontend and backend applications are properly monitored so that the problem doesn’t recur in the future.

I sent 275 Matic through the Plasma bridge to the Eth network almost 3 months ago and it is still pending on my Polygon Widget. I have tried everything that I could think of to do but nothing is working so far. It says it reached the Ethereum checkpoint but it’s been there for 80 something days. I’ve been in touch with MetaMask and they said from there side it shows that the transfer went through and it’s shows successful when I click on the Tx but it’s still sitting there in the Polygon wallet with a spinning circle that says 1 pending. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for any help!

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I am about to email you back. I was trying to find where I could reply directly to you through the app but I’m not sure about it so look for my email. Thank you so much!

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