PoS tooling after Mumbai deprecation (NO ACTION REQUIRED)

With the full deprecation of the Mumbai testnet on April 13, the Goerli-anchored tooling for PoS will also change. After April 13, development and maintenance of the following tools will be exclusively Sepolia-anchored:

Polygon Portal
Polygon Token List
Polygon Gas Station
Chain Indexer Framework
Dapp Launchpad

Let us if you have any questions

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When you say “Sepolia-anchored” that means Amoy, right? Is polygonscan going to support Amoy?

Yeah, that’s Amoy, @tdaltonc. Polygonscan will also support Amoy

Thanks @J_Nicolas . That’s good to hear. Our whole staging process is broken right now. Half of or suppliers/dependencies have deprecated Mumbai support and the other half haven’t set up Amoy support (yet?). Polygonscan and Uniswap are the ones we’re hurting for the most right now.

thanks for the heads up. i’ll let the team know and come back to you with the expected timeframe, @tdaltonc

It would be so helpful if this drop down on Polygonscan added Amoy.

Hey @tdaltonc, polygonscan for amoy is now live: https://amoy.polygonscan.com/

HOORAY! Thank you @J_Nicolas !! Already making my day easier.

Anything you can do about Uniswap? You have their phone number :upside_down_face:

I need an apiURL to verify contracts on AMOY.
Could you please tell me what to use?