PoS Admissions Update

Greetings All,

As we are all aware, PIP4 has outlined the move toward more permission-less admissions.
An application and admissions framework has been put together to manage the requests to join the network.
This framework consists of an application form, scoring logic based on network health, and a ranking system.

This framework is currently being tested, and once sufficient data is collected, and the process is adjusted wherever necessary, it will be shared with the community for feedback.

The form is set around main pillars, these pillars are essential to a healthy validator, and ultimately a healthy network!
The three Pillars are:
Experience, Expertise and Stake.

Each of those is evaluated through the application form to give an unbiased look into a candidate’s ability to secure the network.

We are looking forward to sharing this with you soon!

Kind Regards,

  • The Polygon Team

That is extremely important, glad you will pay attention to candidates - this will make the network more secure. Good luck!

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Excited to share it when its complete!