Polygon zkEVM kicked off its AUDIT 🚀

Polygon zkEVM has initiated the Audit with two different Audit organizations.

To prepare for the audit, the zkEVM team has co-organized with Scroll and Ethereum Foundation 4 sessions to educate auditors on the system’s architecture, approaches to proving systems and EVM compatibility. The sessions were recorded and now open to the our Community.

Find out about more and the links to the recordings here:
Blog zkEVM Lessons Learned

We would like to open this topic to provide clarity on any Audit related topics.


Speaking of audit.
Do you think regular users leveraging the polygon network can benefit from an auditing tool that enables them to scan any smart contract on the polygon network?
Currently the only tools out there, requires you to know how to code or at least know how to use a computer terminal aka command line.

Yay or Nay?

Proper auditing requires knowledge of coding. No tool would be able to fully audit a zkEVM system.

Hi, would you still agree with this characterization of where Polygon’s zkEVM sits on the spectrum of zkEVMs?

Scroll’s ZK-EVM project is building toward a Type 2 ZK-EVM, as is Polygon Hermez. That said, neither project is quite there yet; in particular, a lot of the more complicated precompiles have not yet been implemented. Hence, at the moment both projects are better considered Type 3.

Yes, according to Vitalik’s zkEVM taxonomy, our project is a Type 3 zkEVM currently.

We need to solve the full precompiled smart contract implementations to become Type 2 but we will address it during this 2023. We are more focused now on the mainnet launch preparation.


Great thanks David! That’s helpful to confirm.

Do you have a section in your docs btw that guides builders that have already deployed on Ethereum mainnet (or similar EVM environments such as rollups or EVM sidechains) how they might go about re-deploying their contracts on Polygon’s zkEVM? Any resources on this front would be helpful :innocent:

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Hi @randomishwalk
We totally agree with the current characterisation. Our objective is to achieve Type 2 zkEVM, we currently sit at Type 3.


Deploying in zkEVM testnet should no different than deploying in Ethereum.

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Ok got it!

Are there ecosystem funds / grants available for pre-existing projects on other EVM chains looking to potentially deploy on testnet with the goal of eventually migrating over to the full-fledged, mainnet rollup?

Also, is this forum the best place for interested builders / devs to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings on polygon’s zkEVM?

Thanks again for answering my Qs @0xGrace and @davidsrz

Big step before launching. That will identify loopholes if there are ones in the system and eliminate possible vulnerabilities in zkEVM. Will you share results of the audit?

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This was a mistake. It was meant to answer the first question.

Regarding Ecosystem Funds, currently there isn’t an specific program looking at this sort of grants, however we would like to know if there are interesting projects out there that will make a good use case for Polygon zkEVM, we would love to review it.