Polygon Web Wallet - Wrong deposit

I used Polygon Bridge V2 to send AAVE tokens from Ethereum network to Polygon.

However, it was not deposited to me. And I confirmed that it was deposited to someone else’s address.

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I think there is nothing wrong .

In 0x0a73188c1017e08ba1da70dd696946325a485337a2272c65406db8c5a39707bd , Polygon mint 11.36 AAVE to 0xca7be161c5d8ca8e200978bbdf488fc2ead95f82 because this address deposited to itself at ETH mainnet.
Please use hyperlink correctly and attach ETH mainnet transaction next time.

I never sent the above transaction. By the way, my AAVE moved to someone else’s address.

Yes, this is a transfer to another address but it’s not relevant to Polygon bridge, maybe your secret key is hacked. Polygon bridge just minted the AAVE token to your account, it can’t control token in your account.

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