Polygon Web Wallet: CORS error on login

Hi Guys, I’m trying to use the Polygon Bridge.

When connecting my wallet with metamask, nothing happens. Checking the logs I’m getting a CORS error on the API.

This is happening on Chrome and Firefox

Is there a workaround? Thanks!

This issue was solved by making certain my system clock was accurate (I inadvertently had auto-time synch unchecked and my clock had drifted by a few minutes). SIMPLE FIX – just make certain your system clock is set to the correct time and that CORS error disappears, login completes, etc.

Thank you!

That was it!

Big thanks to the Polygon tech team (at Discord) that helped troubleshoot and resolve the issue.
Totally amazed, impressed, etc. by that level of support from a decentralized organization, they’ve (Polygon) won over my (public blockchain of choice) loyalty!