Polygon Wallet V2

I have 3 questions with this post:

  1. Are the contents in our wallet a smart contract? Nothing states this. When sending - nothing warns us that our MATIC on the polygon chain is currently in a SMART CONTRACT. There is a warning about which exchanges can receive and not receive, but the link takes us to this generic page (attached below), not any specific forums that lists the exchange or answer the questions.

Due to this lack of information, my deposit has been lost on HUOBI and they will charge the equivalent of 0.04ETH to return it.

  1. Why is plasma the only way to convert tokens on the polygon mainnet to ETH mainnet? Why are there no other options like PoS, and why are the fees ETH gas instead of polygon gas? Nothing explains why it must take 7 days to complete.

  2. As the contents in my Polygon Wallet V2 are smart contracts, how do I return them to a non-smart contract state?

The link simply takes me back to the forums.
In the 1 minute it took to make that post, if you could spend another 2 minutes answering my questions, it would actually save much more time. Not even your telegram group is answering the questions posted.

It is due to being in a smart contract, that the exchange cannot receive my tokens.

It supports the Matic Chain.
It needs to come from a wallet, not smart contract. If you look at the attachment above, for some reason, it is transferred from 0x000000000000000000000000000001010 rather than my wallet for some reason.

@shubhangi, have you the tx I attached?
Do you know why it is doing this?

today i checked my polgone wallet and 31 matic gone :frowning: (balance 0) can someone from support team can help me what goin on??

@robotrock Are you still facing that issue?

I actually now face the above issue. When I transferred my matic tokens from the polygon chain to huobi global, the exchange could not apply it because the execution contract is not verified. It was also done through the contract 0x000000000000000000000000000001010 and can you help get it verified? So i can at least recover my tokens…


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