Polygon Village & Village Wonders

Today I was searching throw the Polygon ecosystem I found something that fits exactly what I was looking for for our project, the village wonders:

Specially the opportunity to showcase our project to Polygon Ventures and other VCs and investors.

However, the link to apply is not working. I wanted to ask if this program has ended and if so, if there are plans to start it again.

Also, since the Polygon ecosystem is huge now, what would be the best place to search for this kind of support?

Thank you in advance

Hi @accesovip123.

Thank you for your post. The Village Wonders as part of the Polygon Village had its deadline on the 12 of August, that is why you cannot apply.
Actually, we are about to release the names of the 12 selected projects in the following days!

The accelerator (Village Wonders) is a part of what Polygon Village has to offer to the Polygon Community. I would like to invite you to take a look at the rest of the available opportunities (Grants, Welcome vouchers etc) that Polygon Village offers and consider applying!
Here is the link to the Village website: https://village.polygon.community/

I’d also like to encourage you to join us at the PolygonDAO discord server, where you can find answers to any further question about the application, and connect with other builders and passionate members of the Polygon community! :slight_smile: