Polygon Validator Proposal - Renewable energy use certification

Hello all,

We are seeking a self-hosted validator to run a pilot for energy accountability in our Polygon networks net zero strategy.

What we are doing:

This initiative is to verify individual node operators with renewable energy usage certificates.

This requires additional participation with node operators to determine their rough location (specificity is not needed to maintain privacy).

What’s required:

  • A rough location (e.g. In the US, the state provides enough detail)

  • A wallet address that can be used as a proxy for the operations of the node that will receive renewable energy certificates to retire and verify sourcing of local renewable energy as electricity is mixed in the grid and therefore a certificate is the only way to verify specific electricity type usage without a direct or sovereign source such as rooftop solar.

    • This wallet will be used in a multisig Safe wallet with Polygon Labs and a third party energy provider. Polygon will be purchasing the certificates from the issuer and therefore there will be no cost incurred by the validator in this pilot.
  • Hardware specifications, if available

Please reply to this topic if you are interested in participating in this pilot.

NOTE: This is for self-hosted validators only. Operators using a virtual machine through a cloud provider are not eligible, a different process will be required. This process is currently in development.


Polygon Team

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I am interested in this and meet all the requirements

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Amazing! Are you a current validator for the Polygon PoS network? Please email srenton@polygon.technology

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