Polygon supernet native token bridge

I am facing an issue with using the existing token as my native token on Supernet…
so the issue is I want to use one of my tokens from the root chain(Mumbai) as my gas token/native token of supernet. after successfully up and running my child chain/supernet and root chain. I added my chain to Metamask and it was not showing any funds, because I haven’t pre-mined any funds and I want to bridge from the root chain.

here is the command I used

./polygon-edge bridge deposit-erc20 \
    --receivers 0xb1551B2b46df680E8e25E97232888a26ecdc01F5,0x3064825502cE1a5CA8D49EC9d53654b29B79eEBE \ 
    --amounts 100,100 \
    --root-token 0x13A2e16C0905e2CcFEE63Bf26EF859eBA3848D55 \ 
    --root-predicate 0x34040bdC008987Ed22659A3Df6D9cC0F88408938  \
    --json-rpc https://rpc-mumbai.maticvigil.com/ \
    --sender-key <my_private_key>

it deposits my token to the ERC20predicate address but does not show my token on Metamask wallet when I connect with that chain on Metamask.