Polygon Supernet and "native" token

Are Supernets secured by MATIC deposited on Polygon validators or “native” token of each Supernet?

Hi @tkow, Supernets can be secured by Polygon’s MATIC. For Edge users that want to use Proof of Stake as a security mechanism, Supernet is introducing a “shared security” layer in the form of a MATIC-staked validator marketplace. Projects that opt-in for this service will instantly access a decentralized, reliable Proof of Stake validator set and skip the challenges of bootstrapping a validator network. Also, Polygon validators will stake MATIC and receive rewards in MATIC, so there is also no effort required from application/project teams when it comes to validator incentivization and sustainability.

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Thank you Sanket, so if I understood correctly there is no way to use Supernet currency for securing this Supernet?

In which currency users pays fees on Supernet? also in Matic? is there a way to use Supernet token for this?

Hey @tkow, The fee will be paid in MATIC on Polygon. Check out the Blog for more details and Supernet site from where you will understand more.

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