Polygon Staking Report. February 2023 (By Validator.Info)

Hey there Polygon community! We’ve gathered some interesting blockchain data to share with you. Here are the top 5 Polygon validators ranked by total stake as of Mar 1, 23:

  1. Luganodes - 420m MATIC
  2. Binance - 355m MATIC
  3. Coinbase Cloud - 228m MATIC
  4. Allnodes - 226m MATIC
  5. Web3Nodes Validator - 225m MATIC

We’re thrilled to announce the top 5 Polygon validators who experienced the biggest staking gains in the past month! Congratulations to them:

  1. Coinbase Cloud +16.88m MATIC
  2. Allnodes +7.33m MATIC
  3. HashQuark +6.14m MATIC
  4. kutzu +5.05m MATIC
  5. Girnaar Nodes +4.03m MATIC

Good job guys keep it up!

Let’s also give congrats to the top 5 Polygon validators who increased their delegator count the most during the past month:

  1. Smart Stake +81 delegators
  2. Perfect Stake +55 delegators
  3. StakeWorks +47 delegators
  4. EverStake +42 delegators
  5. Tavis Digital +38 delegators

Well done!

Sad, but not all changes were positive. Here are the 5 Polygon validators that had the biggest decrease in staking amount:

  1. Vader73 -7.23m MATIC
  2. Staked -3.93m MATIC
  3. Vault Staking -3.9m MATIC
  4. Blockdaemon -3.24m MATIC
  5. Supermoon -2.85m MATIC

Lastly, here are the 5 Polygon validators who had the most delegator losses during the past month.

  1. DeFiMatic -23 delegators
  2. Atlas Staking -11 delegators
  3. Blue Ocean -10 delegators
  4. The Abyss -9 delegators
  5. Supermoon -8 delegators

Looking for more info? Check out One-stop validator portal — Validator.Info for real-time analytics, changes from various periods, and more!

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Love the UI, great work! :fire:

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Really amazing work on this! I love the UI and the missed checkpoints are displayed!
Keep up the great work! :mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:

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