Polygon Pos is unusable with trust Wallet 50% of transactions get stuck

Hi, I’ve done around 5000 personal transactions this year with my personal Polygon pos wallet and have often tried to switch from MetaMask to trust wallet (due to MetaMasks horrible bugs) but it is always literally unusable. Trust wallet always underprices POS transactions making around 75% percent of all my transactions getting stuck until I replace them with a custom transaction for the same nonce.

Yes, you can customized the gas price per transaction but as far as I can tell you must manually do it for every transaction which is not economical. I also thought changing the node may help but there are only two polygon nodes in trust wallet (Can’t add custom nodes?) and neither make a difference.

I also thought it was maybe a bug that would soon be fixed but I’ve tried it with every new iOS update and it’s exactly the same.

A transaction that usually costs .06 Matic in MetaMask (same wallet address) is being estimated in trust for .018 Matic. Therefore it is always getting stuck.

As a Matic investor seeing an issue like this continue for months is concerning.
If I was new to crypto or solely used trust wallet, I would have never started using polygon or would have dismissed it as just another unusably buggy blockchain.

This should really be looked into asap as Polygon always works perfectly on MetaMask and I feel is the ONLY blockchain on the market that is currently functional and cheap enough to support hundreds personal transactions a day.

This issue with trust wallet is really making an this amazing blockchain feel inferior and giving it a bad reputation. Can a dev please look into this?

Thanks for any replies.


I am not a wallet expert, but trust wallet, metamask, ta.ho and other wallets out there are developed by their teams. PolygonLabs has nothing to do with their products nor has any say on their UI/UX or the way they calculate and propose gas prices.
I understand how this can cause trouble for users and even discourage them from using the PoS or zkEVM but there is not much to be done. Of course as a user you can always hop in their discords and forums and inform them of the bad user experience you are having with their products.