Polygon Name Service

Do we have Polygon Name Service? When we can see ENS full support on Polygon Blockchain?
I tried to used .crypto and .wallet from UnstoppableDomains but it is not yet support on Polygon.
Can someone guide how to use various APIs with Name Service on Polygon same as ENS works on Ethereum.

Hey @amitkarpe, I believe UnstoppableDomains are already supported on Polygon!

Check this out.

There’s also the KLIMA name service provided by the Polygon partnered KlimaDAO - KNS domains are regenerative domains that continuously offset your carbon footprint + act as social representations of your carbon neutrality - https://twitter.com/KlimaDAO/status/1517551144037351424

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Yes, we created a Polygon version of ENS called .LUV Name Service https://name.luvnft.com (Testnet). Try it out.