Polygon mintable checklist - mint function on root contract

Hello everyone!

Looking at the documentation at this link Submit Mapping Request I can see that a Polygon mintable asset requires that:

The mint function on the root contract can only be called by the corresponding token, PredicateProxyAddress

But what if I want to give the same grant to other addresses? In my use case I would like that the tokens can be minted in both chains (Ethereum Goerli/Mainnet and Polygon).
Granting the role (at deployment time embedding the code inside the constructor or in a later stage, sending a transaction) is an impediment for the mapping and/or prevent the bridge to works properly?

Any clarification or hint is really appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @tlmapi , No need to mint the token on both Polygon and Ethereum. Once you mint on the polygon, it can be moved back to Ethereum as and when needed. The Ethereum contract needs to be deployed so that tokens can be withdrawn to Ethereum if needed. Please read the Doc from here for better clarification.