Polygon ID- A decentralized identification system for Web 3

We at Polygon believe that privacy should be a key feature of self-sovereign identity. Polygon ID leverages zero-knowledge (“ZK”) cryptography to power its new self sovereign identity (“SSI”) solution.

The verification system which Polygon ID brings to the application, Makes it more sustainable as on-chain private verification is done using zkProof Request Language, a unique protocol for apps to specify the requested private attributes that the user needs to prove.

Proof of human uniqueness, as can be attested by Polygon ID, is a key step in solving the issue of Sybil resistance in Web 3. We believe that this could be revolutionary when used in many use-cases.

We also believe this new SSI system will provide an exciting new primitive for teams who are currently working on projects in the Web 3 space. We highly recommend everyone go through the Blog where we provide more details about Polygon ID. Do also check out the Polygon ID main page where you can find a summary of the functionality.

We at Polygon DAO are keen to onboard more contributors into the community. We want to know how you will integrate Polygon ID into your projects and how it can be used to bring another level of security to your Dapps or Defi projects.

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A good summary of some of the higher level possibilities of Polygon ID. I Look forward to seeing what builders in Web 3 do with this new primitive.


The possibility of integrating Polygon ID with other tools is just amazing solutions like Edge and ID would be an amazing Product. Also, with Polygon Nightfall would be an amazing identification and private and scalable transactions solution.


Polygon ID is an unique and well thought concept of keeping anonymity but ensuring you are still validated. For a DAO contributor this will validate the work, skill and expertise, for builders it will give an edge to their security measures and confidence building in the users and for Web3 it will get amazing verfied, validated authentic talent and projects and builders who can create engagement and trust.

Being a non coder but someone in crypto investment and trading since 2017, DAO contributor for over a year months and learning and deep researching on DeFi projects, I believe this is a revolutionary governance model.


Blockchain and Web 3 is a web of information and authenticating it is the biggest challenge.

Me being a trader and investor for more than 15 yrs (stocks, commodities & forex) and in crypto as an investor since 2013 had to face lots of challenges and have goten into the rabbit hole.

Polygon ID a unique revolutionary concept which will provide some authentic and validated information which can be trustworthy and correct. This form of governance will be a torch bearer for years to come.

Validated profiles keeping anonymity, validated talent pool with their experience and expertise and projects with validation will give immense confidence and build long term Web3 adoption and acceptance.

I truly believe & love to contribute in my capacity.


Personally, I can’t wait to see how this reputation layer turns out, especially for governance. It will be interesting to see if users will get rewarded in NFT’s for their participation within a community. Contribution could be represented by NFT’s, which can add to a person’s reputation. A project’s token could act as the ticket into the governance forum, but regardless of whether you hold 1 token or 1000 tokens, each person gets one vote. Additional votes could then be added through contribution. Just an idea lol

Also, I grew up the Napa wine industry, and I think ID can be used here too. For example a certain token could be created, which automatically determines if a buyer is over the age of 21 or not. Plus, since ID adds to someones reputation, every wine purchase could add to a person’s taste profile, thus potentially customizing an individual’s own wine shopping experience.

I can’t wait to see what turns out from Polygon ID!


Excited to use it. :100:


Hi - what is powering the Polygon ID mechanics, e.g what APIs are you calling to fulfil the KYC processes?

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You could visit here Polygon | Ethereum's Internet of Blockchains - Polygon to read more about it.

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Thank you for the helpful link.


I am looking to build around Polygon Id
I would like to create a similar app as Grail for voting and to use the Polygon ID wallet app.
Is the Polygon ID wallet app open-sourced? What is the process for adding new custom claims to it?


Hey @milanp ,

You can contact our support team for Polygon ID here :-

If you need any assistance with grail, here are the documents :-