Polygon Ecosystem Newsletter

Disclaimer: this newsletter is totally on our own volition and not a part of the Polygon core team.

HOWEVER, the Polygon ecosystem is rapidly expanding and we want to provide a one-stop-shop for the latest ecosystem news! Our goal is to open source this project and represent the voice of the broad Polygon community, so we would LOVE feedback, advice, insights, and help sharing!

Some background info: we are a group of friends studying Media and Journalism and are Polygon maxis. We started this as a means of sharing the good news, but it has quickly evolved into a competition against mates who are providing similar coverage of the Solana ecosystem. Our goal is 10k subscribers by 1 May 2022.

This isn’t just about Polygon, it’s about what’s happening in the Polygon community! Dope NFT collection dropping? Let us know. Obsessed with a new game? Let us know. We welcome ecosystem news, updates, and insights of all kind! Shill us your Poly bags.

How can you help: We want this to unite the Polygon family. Subscribe!! Share with your friends and family!

At every 100 subscribers gained, we are going to do a giveaway!!
The first one will be an Aavegotchi NFT to be used in the Gotchiverse!


Also, our whole team is new to web3, so our biggest challenge is distribution.

We hope the Polygon community can help us overcome this.

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