Polygon Ecosystem DAO, approaching Season 0

We are approaching the official launch of Season 0 of the Polygon Ecosystem DAO, a DAO grants that wants to create value by leveraging the capabilities of Polygon and its partners in identifying the best projects that are facing the DeFi and tools landscape.

Season 0 will be preparatory to the launch of Season 1 which will take place at the beginning of 2022. It will serve to fine-tune many essential aspects of the DAO, from some aspects of governance, operations and the flow of information and values ​​in the granting of grant.

The Polygon Ecosystem DAO wants to act as a stimulus for innovation, creation and development of decentralized processes and projects that are easy to use by end users, new lego bricks on which and with which to build.

DAO starts from a heterogeneous team in their skills and specializations, from the experience of many friends and partners of the DAOsphere and from the commitment of the whole Polygon team to make this adventure a success for the entire crypto and DeFi world.

The Discord server will open in days to welcome what will become the DAO community. Before then, a new document will be released in which the more formal aspects of the Polygon Ecosystem DAO will be presented as well as the indications for the presentation of grant applications.

DAO is starting the engines and we hope to share this journey with as many travel companions as possible.


@Grendel Awesome announcement. This journey will be amazing as DeFi is hitting the mainstream. At this precipice, DeFi infrastructure and building tools are necessary and it is interesting to see major DAOs giving back to the community with grants, mentorship and support to building and navigating through this space.

Community is the magic ingredient that truly determines the fate of every project. This is an amazing opportunity for those who want to get a taste of the DAO experience.

Let’s build the future right.


PowerPool DAO looks forward to working with Polygon Ecosystem DAO to launch $POLYDEFI, an actively-managed yield-oriented pool/index of 15-20 DeFi Polygon-centric project tokens WITH launchpool incentives AND intrinsic yield auto-harvested by PowerPool. PowerPool’s ZAP integration means no minimum investment and all gas shared across the value of the pool. No Accredited Investor barriers.

Once launched, this lower-volatility pooled token can be listed as collateral on lending sites, and hedging options will be available for those only interested in the yield.

We had excellent cooperation and marketing push from BSC DeFi protocols on the launch of $BSCDEFI, and hope to have the same on Polygon!


Woot woot. Let’s go!


I’m very excited to see what’s coming and hopefully getting to contribute to the growth of the DAO and DeFi.


Just saw my email regarding my acceptance as a Polygon Advocate. Happy to be here! Sorry I missed the call on Friday, as I was out of office :slight_smile:


Great news…please open seperate telegram channel as well.:pray::pray::pray::pray:

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I completely agree that heterogeneous team skills and specialization are the beauty of the DAO sphere. Having members from different demographics, ages, communities, professions will add a lot of value to outgrow the ecosystem at the micro-level. :slight_smile:


Well stated, @Grendel. We will make it happen. Together we aspire, together we achieve. #DeFiForAll