Polygon Ecosystem DAO and Quickswap Start a Joint Incentive Program!

We are happy to announce that in April 2022 Polygon Ecosystem DAO and Quickswap will start a joint program aimed at providing incentives to liquidity pools, marketing and AMA to particular promising projects that have deployed on Polygon.

Every month two projects aiming to create a pool (or which already have a pool) on Quickswap will get an incentive in the form of QUICK rewards for liquidity providers. Moreover, the Polygon Ecosystem DAO will organize an AMA and provide for marketing communications.

Polygon Ecosystem DAO and Quickswap will select the two projects according to the following criteria:

  • Deployment on a Polygon chain
  • Presence of a native token of the project
  • Executed token sale to the public (in every form: e.g. IDOs, Bootstrapping pools, etc.) and/or executed investment rounds concerning the token
  • Number of followers on Twitter and number of Discord users
  • If the project concerns DeFi functionalities, the execution of an audit

Interested projects may submit here their application by the 10th of every month. The selection committee will assess and evaluate the application and award a maximum of two projects per month with a voucher. The communication of the two selected projects will be on the 20th of every month.

The voucher will give access to:

  • The set-up of a liquidity pool with incentives in QUICK
  • Marketing announcement
  • AMA/twitter space organized within the Polygon Ecosystem DAO

Please note that projects that have already been awarded with a voucher may not re-submit a new application!


This is a great initiative. Thank you for sharing


Exciting times and awesome initiative. Projects take advantage.


My hunch :- pooltogether will surely jump…


This is an awesome initiative!!!


Nice. Technical issues only.


Gather round, it’s the Polygon Forest! :grinning:


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This is awesome… Thank you for creating a program like this - even if we’re not awarded it. It’s fantastic - exactly what bootstrappers need (we’re arguably the most determined :slight_smile: This really shows Polygon understands and acts on it.

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