Polygon- Bounty Boards Coming in Season 1

Hi Polygon Ecosystem :wave: We are thrilled to announce yet another initiative to help all the projects building on Polygon get help from across the world. As a Polygon Ecosystem DAO initiative we are now accepting tasks of all kinds from different Polygon teams to be offered as Bounties :moneybag: to contributors from the vibrant polygon ecosystem -

A) To make your community stronger and bigger :muscle:

B) To identify strong contributors and leverage their skillset πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

C) To get work done :zap:

In this spirit, please refer this guide on how you and your team can send tasks our way to create bounties and the work done for you. Feel free to add tasks which are not specifically on the list.

How the DAO Bounty process works?

The DAO will be managed on dework.xyz - A DAO bounty management platform (pls. refer https://youtu.be/FT74b0dDYAU this 5 min video for more info).

The DAO will contain variety of projects for example - DeFi Research, Development, Social Media etc. Your team can introduce bounties into any one of these or start an independent project if it doesn’t fit into the aforementioned categories.

The flow works like this:

  1. You have a task you want to outsource.
  2. Fill the form below with necessary details.
  3. Let us know if you want to have full control of it or you want us to manage it for you.
  4. Assign the PoC for bounty entries evaluation.
  5. Fund bounty and it’s done.

Please make sure to provide a good title and proper description and tags to help contributors understand and complete the issues with ease.

Please also Assign the appropriate bounty amount for the same (check below for reference amounts).

Here is a bounty you can refer - https://app.dework.xyz/?taskId=92a92853-f530-4438-b952-07f4d57fa926

What kind of Bounties do we have?

Bounties can range into a multitude of tasks with the bounty range (USD) but is flexible . Some good examples are as follows:-

Technical :computer:

  • Beta testing products ($500-$1000)
  • Content writing (technical) ($100-$500)
  • Design Help ($100-$500)
  • Research work ($100-$500)
  • Translate docs ($100-$250)
  • Bug Bounties ($1000-$10,000)

Educational :open_book:

  • Learn & Earn Programs (To learn certain technologies and receive tokens on completion) ($200-$1000)
  • Monthly Theme Based YT Video/Medium Blogs: Based on a theme we introduce every month, contributors are welcome to create and share Youtube videos/Medium blogs. (Criteria: Top five entries to be awarded with $50-$250 each)
  • Creating informational twitter thread/infographics ($50)

Social :family_woman_boy_boy:

  • Retweet content (Criteria: 5 random winners win $10 each)
  • Personalise discord through bots/emojis etc. ($50)
  • Threads sharing grant/community fund application/hackathon opportunities (Criteria: 5 random winners with a minimum of 200 twitter followers win $10 each)
  • Articles/Threads sharing experience of using Up and coming Polygon projects for traction/research purposes. ($50-$200)
  • Creating memes. (Criteria: 5 random winners win $5 each)
  • Leading community chapters. (Polygon Advocates)

Hiring :business_suit_levitating:

  • Referring folks for Polygon Ecosystem and Protocol roles (Criteria: Successful referrals $500-$2000)
  • Sharing Polygon Ecosystem and Protocol hiring opportunities on Social Media (Criteria: Having a minimum of twitter 5,000 followers/10,000 LinkedIn followers can be awarded $50 each)

Interested to get started and create your first Bounty :partying_face: - Please fill this form!