Polygon Amoy Faucet Now Available on GetBlock.io

Greetings Polygon Community!
I have exciting news for you from GetBlock.io ! :wave:

GetBlock.io has just launched the Polygon Amoy testnet faucet. :potable_water:

We love to support web3 devs in various ways and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth. That’s why our users now can benefit not only from our top-notch RPC nodes services but claim some MATIC testnet token as well and use them to test dApps and smart contracts for their innovative projects built on Polygon! :rocket:

:link: Get 0.1 MATIC every day for free with a faucet from GetBlock: https://getblock.io/faucet/matic-amoy/

We hope that our service will help you to enhance your amazing projects. That’s why we really need your feedback and support too! Please tell us how you like our service, and spread the word about it across the web! :spider_web:
Let’s grow together! :handshake: