PolyGIFties by Nifty GIFty

Project name: PolyGIFties by Nifty GIFty

Main use case: PolyGIFties is an NFT collection of animated GIFs created as a labor of love for the Polygon community. The goal of this project is to spread joy and positivity through art, while also promoting the potential of the Polygon blockchain technology and the power of NFTs.

What do we want: The PolyGIFties project is an exciting initiative that is aimed at promoting the benefits of the Polygon blockchain technology and NFTs through the creation of our collection that is fun, unique and affordable NFT art. To make this project a success, we are looking primarily for the support of the Polygon and the Polygon community. You can show your support by purchasing and collecting our PolyGIFties NFTs, sharing our project with your network, and engaging with us on social media.

Additionally, we welcome any feedback, ideas, or suggestions from the community as we continue to grow and develop the project. Your input is valuable to us and can help shape the direction of the project.

Overall, our hope is that with the support of the community, we can help increase adoption of the Polygon network and make our NFT art more accessible and fun for everyone.

Presentation of the team: Nifty Gifty is an NFT studio created by an anonymous artist who is a passionate web3 and Polygon enthusiast. With a focus on creating unique and innovative NFTs, Nifty GIFty is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of digital art and collectibles.

Road map:

Q2 2023:

  1. Launch website and community outreach and support with Polygon Community
  2. Release first collection of NFTs (PolyGIFties - compose of a hundred piece GIFties) first to be listed in Rarible. Will release each GIFty slowly overtime as we work to provide quality, cool and fun GIFties.
  3. Expand and release into other NFT marketplaces such as Opensea

Q3 2022:

  1. Partner with established artists for collaboration.
  2. Preparation of the second collection.

Q4 2023:

  1. Launch minting website with token, staking and rewards program for holders.
  2. Form a DAO and develop a platform for custom collaboration NFT creation.
  3. Launch of mobile app for NFT platform.

Website: https://niftygifty.xyz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xNiftyGIFty
Rarible: Nifty GIFty

Don’t miss out on the fun and positivity of the PolyGIFties Collection! Visit our website at niftygifty.xyz and join our community to experience the benefits of Polygon blockchain technology and NFTs. We may start small now, but we believe that #WAGMI with the support of the Polygon and its community. Follow us on Twitter at @0xNiftyGIFty for updates and exciting announcements.