Please, return back the old good single archive file snapshots

Is it possible to return back direct download of a snapshot as a single file in the snapshots,as it used to be? The current implementation through the script is very inconvenient. It downloads all the parts and then combines them into few archive files. Currently, there are two files generated: bor-mainnet-snapshot-bulk-2023-10-12.tar.zst (which takes up over 90%+ of the space and weighs more than 1.1TB) and bor-mainnet-snapshot-2023-10-18.tar.zst. Essentially, this requires there to be enough space on the disk for the full snapshot archive and the fully extracted blockchain. Furthermore, it requires that this space be on the same disk because the script places intermediate download files in the extract_dir directory, rather than in the directory from which the script was launched. This prevents the archive from being downloaded to one disk and extracted to another without modifying the script, which is very inconvenient. Most importantly, the most convenient way to extract such a large archive is a streaming mode extraction without intermediate storage of the archive itself, and for this, a link to a proper single archive file is needed. Thanks.

Hey @Shaahkral it worked for me and I used a snapshot around 15th of October. I’ll try again and verify. Thanks